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Transparent Filler Masterbatches

  • After years of research and development, we have achieved great success in transparent filler masterbatches for the special transparency requirement. In order to meet the various requirement to the market, we are making great effort to insure the finished product transparency when adding more proportion of transparent filler masterbatches to reduce the production cost to the minimum. Product quality and stability for large scale production.

  • We service a broad range of customers Products can be widely used in plastics, rubber and chemical products for daily use for filler. It is a good function high capacity filling agent. It also improves product quality and reduces production costs. the cost and environmental pollution are all reduced largely. Among the retrofitted specimens fairly good disperstion and reinforcement effect. welcome you to come the electricity consultation and the discussion.

    We are strict control technologic process. And under the police of “the best sarvice and resonable price” kindly cooperat with client from all over the world.

Product characteristics:

1. Excellent transparency, good and uniform dispersion, non-crystal points.

2. Passed SGS certification, no heavy metals, non-toxic and harmless, environmentally friendly.

3. Do not affect the transparency of finished products for PE blowing film, improve the hardness for blown film product when adding 10% dosage. Even the dosage is as high as 30%, it still can keep the high transparency to finished products.


Widely used in PE film products, such as: shopping bags, gift bag, clothes bags, etc.