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Pearl Masterbatches

  • Pearl Masterbatches(Pearlescent masterbatches) products that have a metal flash effect, but also has the soft natural pearls, decorative excellent, and completely non-toxic, has been widely used in food packaging, cosmetic containers, electrical enclosures, and other decorative materials. Pearlescent masterbatch products into their products, showing a fascinating multi-angle color, improve product quality and enhance visual effects.
    Apparent brightness of pearl products, compatibility, and dispersed all, high concentration, good weather resistance, uniform particles, coloring, color, quality according to customer requirements, and other characteristics suitable for uniform density. General-level products are in line with environmental requirements.
  • As we all know, pearl effect masterbatches with metal flashing, soft and natural pearls, decorative excellent products to shine pearl-like effect. Customer demand can be well used in production for a variety of different colors pearl plastic masterbatch. Non-toxic green products, heavy metal content in line with international standards.


Pearl Color Masterbatches use high-grade pearl powder, through a special mixing together polyethylene supports and additives, and applicability, high temperature, non-toxic, suitable for all kinds of plastic.

Application Fields

Widely used in injection molding, blown film, hollow products, extrusion, injection molding drawing, tape processing. For PE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PVC, PMMX, EVA, GPS, ABS and other plastics coloring. Application and packaging materials, household appliances, wire and cable, toys, plastic products and other fields.


Low density polyethylene as a carrier, the choice of high quality pearlescent pigments to the substrate, with the factory's special process.

Color: silver, gold, red, purple, blue, orange, green, pearl purple, bronze, brown and so on.

Product Features

1, has a good stability, exceptional dispersion.

2, good temperature resistance, weather resistance, no migration.

3, pearl series: anti-yellowing pearlescent, white pearl, Kim Light, Symphony and general pearl pearl

4, various materials of various colors Valet color. Added a single when the quality and stability.


1% to 2% (based on customer product requirements), by mixing evenly.

Packaging storage

Note that in the storage and transport moisture, should be kept dry and ventilated.