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  • Oleic acid amide used as a thin hydrocarbon polymer, PVC plastic, smoothness agents, antistatic agents, from film, opening agent; oleic acid amide used in the polyethylene film can reduce the internal friction during processing and transmission equipment film friction, thus increasing production capacity, simplifying the operation of the final product. Can also be used as polyolefin injection molding release agent, so that stripping is easy to increase production and improve product surface gloss. Add as low in the film (usually 0.1-0.15%) in the plant must be in the form of a mixture or masterbatch added in order to ensure uniform smoothness results. Also be used as masterbatch lubricants, resins, pigments, dyes, dispersants such as carbon black, printing ink additives, coating, carbon paper, typing paper and wax products, fiber oil with the agent and the metal protective film and the surface lubricant.
  • In general, oleic acid amide the rate of migration to the surface faster than erucic acid amide. Erucic acid amide, but the long-term low coefficient of friction than the oleic acid amide, and oleic acid amide than the thermal stability. I produced the oleic acid amide to vegetable oil as raw materials, and animals made from oleic acid amide of oleic acid compared with the excellent performance of anti-yellowing, low odor, non-caking and other aspects of performance.

Its advantages as follows:

Mainly used for LDPE film and its composite films, multi-layer co-extruded film, Bubble bags, thin film, and PVC rolling film, PP, CPP film slip agents, antistatic agents and openings; EVA, POM, PC , PET, PBT, PA, PT and other resin, lubricant and release agent; PU surface treatment agent and fiber masterbatch smooth, antistatic agents; plastic sheet printed (compound) inks and anti-PE thermoplastic powder dip stick caking agent and leveling agent, smooth brightener; toner, colorant, lubricant and dispersing agent masterbatch; functional openings, smooth fine additive masterbatch essential; can also help as metal protection agents and lubricants such as polyolefin sheet.


Formula: C22H43NO

Molecular Weight: 337.58

CAS No.: 112-84-5

Amide content 98.5min

Iodine Value78-86

Acid Value mgKOH/g 0.8 max

Melting Point C 72-76

Color Gardner 2 max

Moisture % 0.08max

Application and dosage

the proper circumstances of each product.


Products, compound bag, net weight 25kg, not with the toxic and easy storage of pollutants, should be stored in dry cool air, the storage period of six months.