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Masterbatches By high proportion of pigment or additive and thermoplastic resin, good dispersion of plastic colorants, its chooses to the resin with good wetting and dispersed colorants, and being shaded material has good compatibility. They have a lot of colors, some as red, lemon, blue, yellow, purple and Your favorite color. more Colors look Color Card.

Masterbatches common aliases include: the "Masterbatch", "Master batch" and "Master batches". in China and India exporters common is Masterbatch and Masterbatches.


Important part

Namely: Colour(PIGMENTS) + Carrier + Additive = Masterbatches.


There are actually various types of Masterbatches such as plastic masterbatches, colour masterbatches, pigments masterbatch, white masterbatches, black masterbatches and additive masterbatches.


Blow molding, Blown film, Injection molding and even more.


high productivity and high precision, Color uniformity, stable, improve the quality of plastic, Easy measurement, high automation, good stability, and affordable.