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Fresh Keeping Masterbatches

  • Fresh Keeping Masterbatches adapts to food packaging to absorb the gases given of by decomposition of organic substances to inhibit the ripening process, and then prolong the life and keep fresh of the vegetables and fruit packed by this packaging.

  • Fresh Keeping Masterbatches use of different carriers and the most advanced nanotechnology, the silver coating on the support surface, so that the slow release of silver ions, resulting in lasting, efficient and safe anti-bacterial effect. The Fresh Keeping Masterbatches for PE, PP, EVA, HIPS, PA and other polymer materials. Use of inorganic nano-antibacterial agent, prepared by a special process for plastic Fresh Keeping Masterbatches. Is widely used in the plastics industry at home and abroad efficient functional masterbatches.

    The company began in 2003 of nano-silver sterilization mold materials development, has been more than seven years. The company set the development, production, processing and sales, over the years to mold a variety of products, sterilization, deodorizing the development of manufacturing processes through continuous improvement under the premise of high quality, affordable and reasonable price recommended to each industry sector, to create the highest quality mold bactericidal deodorant products, welcome new and old customers.

Its advantages as follows:

1. Broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antibacterial effect long-term effect of holding;

2. Thermal stability, high temperature, not color;

3. Good compatibility and dispersion;

4. Does not change the original plastic processing technology;

5. All kinds of plastic masterbatch materials are appropriate to reduce the impact on the performance of plastics;

6. Meet the food and health requirements of the production and use of materials, production and use has no impact on the environment;

7. as long as 1% can be achieved by mold, sterilization, antibacterial, deodorant and other effects, the bactericidal rate is able to meet good;

8. The safety inspection by SGS, does not contain any toxic substances, Another microbiological testing centers in Guangzhou, China by repeatedly testing the bactericidal rate 99.99%;


leather products, footwear, textiles, furniture, toys, glass, sports equipment, electronic products. Fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, packaging, water, mold corrosion preservation of animal products.


Nano-materials for various industries, such as PP, PU, PS, PVC, PVA, PE, ABS, EVA plastic masterbatches.
Inclusive silicone, latex, rubber, foam, fabric, non woven (nonwoven) paint and etc....

Add Method:

Stir, mix well. According to various conventional production process of plastic production. The function of the product of efficiency, added method, testing requirements or specifications of the choice of base material, please contact our sales representative in order to achieve the best results.


1. Drying as much as possible antibacterial Masterbatches, antibacterial Masterbatches optimal addition level of 3-5%; by mixing machine or other mixed dispersion method, so that adequate mixing can be carried out in accordance with the original production process production of film and other products;

2. Antibacterial agent used in a special surface modification, polyolefin materials, thus has excellent compatibility;

3. Production and storage process, the attention from light, avoid heat and waterproof;

Our slogan:

high-tech nanotechnology to create the best packaging materials, anti-mold effect of the highest quality.