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Flame retardant Masterbatches

  • Flame retardant masterbatches of high quality and efficient use of scientific and rational process formula processing, flame retardant, high efficiency, good whiteness, etc., which can be used in conjunction with the preparation of colored masterbatch flame retardant products, but the use of flame retardant masterbatches can not add fillers, or will affect the flame-retardant effect. environmental protection: the EU ROHS requirements, through the SGS certification. There are environmental requirements for products. Application: all kinds of packaging products and a variety of fibers, narrow and thin films, and other needs of flame retardant plastics. Application process: injection molding, blow molding, plastic agents, casting, drawing, etc.
  • Flame retardant masterbatches of high quality and efficient use of scientific and rational process formula processed from high flame retardant can be used in conjunction with the preparation of colored masterbatch flame retardant products.
  • With advances in technology, improvement of living standards, in particular synthetic polymers polymer materials: such as plastic, rubber, etc. in people's lives more and more important, its application to expand year by year trend. But the most common type of polymer material with air in the flammable properties, in order to achieve its military, aerospace, transportation, electricity and civilian applications, and many other industries, its flame-retardant modified into a new topic. Ideally, the current modification of plastics flame retardant, or often by the addition of flame retardant masterbatch products like plastic to improve the fire performance.


Flame retardant masterbatches is present in the plastics and rubber, resin products, the performance of one of the most excellent flame-retardant, flame retardant masterbatch is based on the ingredients through a variety of flame-retardant combination, modification and coordination effective role, and through double-or triple-screw extruder screw through the mixing, extrusion, granulation and obtained a granular product. With different flame retardants, flame retardant masterbatch with the resin is easy to add, clean, flame retardant, high efficiency, add a small amount of the mechanical properties of the resin is small, less prone to add a post stratification, patterns, precipitation and other undesirable phenomena savings in manpower, material costs and time, and many other advantages.
In general flame retardant masterbatch in the resin dispersion, mobility, compatibility with the resin and thermal stability and weather resistance are much better than normal flame retardants, other flame-retardant formulations appropriate retardant masterbatches efficiency and effectiveness (cost) but also far superior to ordinary flame retardants. So now become a flame retardant plastics masterbatch to achieve one of the best fire protection and fire retardant powder to become an effective alternative.


Halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch is divided into series of environmental protection and general environmental protection flame retardant series.

Its advantages as follows:

1. Halogen-free environment, free from corrosion and environmental protection.

2. Add less, flame retardant, high efficiency, up to UL94V-0 level.

3. Has excellent weather resistance, thermal stability, resistance to migration.

4. Good compatibility with the resin, the mechanical properties of materials, small, no stratification, the frost, flow patterns and other issues.

5. Reduce costs and improve value-added products; through the addition of flame retardant masterbatch common plastics with plastics application requirements, improve value-added products, reducing raw material costs.