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Eliminate odors masterbatches

  • Plastic deodorant is a pro-organic microporous structure of organic materials, odor and organic matter it has a very high absorption power. Also has excellent heat resistance and in polymers with good dispersion. This product is applicable to various polymer materials processing, and easy to break down the processing of polymer materials with special effects get rid of the smell. Plastic also has adsorption deodorant CO2, SO2, nitrogen oxide gas (NOX), ammonia (NH3), pesticide residues, water capacity. Particularly suitable for some processed products using recycled materials and improve product value, the purpose of eliminating odor.
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  • In the process of production and processing of polymers, the polymer will often put a small amount of small molecule organic compounds. These small organic molecules will change the nature of the polymer, or even a health hazard. To eliminate this effect, and needs plastic deodorant. Plastic deodorant is a white, pro-organic microporous structure of the inorganic powder, its odor and organic compounds with high absorption power. Also has excellent heat resistance and in polymers with good dispersion. Plastic deodorant smell of plastic products, was completely eliminated, rather than to cover up other odors.

Its advantages as follows:

1, It's used in PE、LDPE、HDPE、LLDPE、PP、PVC、ABS、PA6、PET、PS、PVDC、Rubber and Rubber Products、etc...

2, In addition to adding flavor to effectively get rid of post-processing to add the plasticizer, solvent oil, causing odor.

3, Excellent temperature resistance, good mixing, dispersion, and good liquidity; easy process, with less easy to use.

4, The deodorant masterbatches body evenly as possible mixed with the material to make full contact with the material, mixing the better, in addition to taste better. High and low temperature has little influence, in general, high temperature on odor helpful.

5, Storage and transportation: Storage should be ventilated, dry, to prevent direct sunlight. Transport should be to prevent rain exposure.

6, Recommended dosage: Of PVC, PVDC Products 1 to the amount of plastic raw materials 0.1%, in special circumstances (such as the high proportion of plasticizer the smell) to be experimentally determined. For ABS, PA6, PP, PET, PS and other plastic products, raw materials, the amount of plastic raw materials between 0.1% -0.01%. Testing to determine the specific need.