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Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches

  • Calcium carbonate masterbatches is our main product used in the modified plastics industry, we have made great achievements to ensure good and stable product quality. Our product quality is the leading lever in China and we can give you the best and competitive price. Welcome your inquiry at any time. The company's product quality is stable, and 60% for export, the export of experienced team, willing to work with customers from around the world to collaborate.
  • We always strictly control the whole technical processdure and work precisely to provide high-quality products for customers.

  • Calcite or marble is crushed and graded to be all kinds of technical natural calcium carbonate with different fineness.It is widely used in rubber, plastic, paint, and paper. Meanwhile, it is can be found the film that hold even intension and tenacity by filling blended masterbatch of talcum and CaCO3. Mainly used in plastic, rubber, cable, and building material. It is a good function high capacity filling agent.

Product characteristics:

Excellent dispersion , no spots, Large dosage, flat and gloss, Strong tension ,Stable and high quality, environment protect.

This product is refined from natural high quality Calcium Carbonate(CACO3) and other.


CACO3 Masterbatches Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches

Adding ratio:

Generally dosage of 20% ~ 50% . In blown film production, even can add filler 100% dosage, and no powder spill, uniform dispersion, good hardness, high gloss surface printing.


Mainly used in PE film (shopping bags, garment bags, garbage bags, etc.), bottle , injection, PS sheet, molding , etc.