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Anti Static Masterbatches

  • We adopt imported anti-static agent as the main material to develop the anti-static masterbatches widely used in the packing material of electronic products. Anti-static masterbatches has good dispersion and high transparency, it can obviously reduce the material surface resistance and can effectively control and remove the static, meanwhile, it also can be anti-contamination and dustproof.
  • It mainly used in PE, PP, PS, ABS, PET and other plastic products. It behaves excellent compatibility and thermostability in the processing technic of injection, blow molding, blow film, spinning and no white powder after molding. It is non-toxic and non-pollution, meets EU ROHS and can be directly used contact food contact application.

Application and dosage

Mainly used in PE, PP, PS ABS, PET for films, tubes and sheets, the adding ratio is 2-4% ( different ratio decided by the user requirement or product property).
In the process of use and production, anti-static masterbatches can make film products winding smooth, crease resistant, easy rewinding, anti-contamination and dustproof,and also can reduce surface resistance.


Packed in 25kg paper and plastic compound bag. We also can make the package as per customer`s requirement.

Remarks: Because of different material in different areas, the parameter is only a reference.