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Anti-block agent Masterbatches

  • Anti-block agent masterbatches is a combination of special additives for efficient complex, the special processing technology. Can be used in polyolefins (PE, PP) plastics processing, can improve the products of the openings (ie anti-adhesion) process performance and lubricity. In the production and use of effective dose can be quickly moved to the film surface to form a smooth layer, the surface friction coefficient is reduced, so that puts the volume and cut more smoothly. And the effects of long-term smoothness, good gloss and a series of advantages. Products, the transparency of the films post-migration has no effect.
    Add this product to the plastic, on one hand can be formed on the surface layer of plastic is extremely thin film lubrication, the other plastic products can bump formed on the surface of a micro-shaped structure, can be very effective in reducing adhesion of plastic products effect.
  • Polyolefins especially linear viscosity and static high-pressure polyethylene larger (LLDPE) or polypropylene (PP) in the processing and storage process, because the viscosity of the material itself, and processing of electrostatic effect, the surface of the product adsorbed to each other, to use any inconvenience. masterbatch can raise the lubricity of plastics, but also enhance its anti-static performance, can effectively solve the bond between the film and the problem of agglomeration between products can available to speed up or blow extrusion molding products after the smooth surface smoothness. to make products in the store openings to maintain good performance.


Anti-block agent is a polyolefin masterbatch additive smooth plastic masterbatch, the carrier, smoothness agents and other additives. The use of advanced processing technology and formulations for production. Polyethylene plastic blown film, due to the membrane to form a vacuum seal between the state and difficult to separate, difficult to use, the efficiency of the automatic packaging, then add the plastic opening agent, can solve the above problems. Its role is mainly used in films and cap opening. This product is a complex formula to use relatively simple. Opening effect is very good.

Application Fields

Widely used in PE, PP, PO blown film products, steam beads bags products. Blow molding, extrusion, injection molding and casting processing.


According to the opening performance of the specific product requirements.

Product Features

1, can effectively reduce the adhesion effect of polyolefin plastic products;

2, the polyolefin plastic lubrication process can play a role;

3, in normal usage ratio, does not affect the transparency.


Anti-block agent Masterbatches and polyolefin resin open to 1.3% to 3% of the proportion of (the specific products according to the opening performance requirements). Users should be based on the performance of the theme resin ratio of suitably adjusted in order to achieve performance requirements.

Application Method

Mixed evenly, and then to carry out normal processing.

Packaging and storing

25KG / complex kraft paper bag packaging, the product is non-toxic non-dangerous goods, pay attention to moisture, sun, light kept closed.