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Whitening masterbatches

  • In recent years, rapidly growing manufacturer of plastic raw material prices soaring, more and more high quality requirements of customers, an increasingly fierce market competition, plastics, most plastic manufacturers to reduce costs a lot of recycled material. The use of recycled materials to make the color black plastic, can not mix directly into the whitening agent because of the color derived from a non-uniform plastic products, in order to solve the above problem, the factory has developed a special whitening plastic masterbatch. It consists of LDPE, titanium dioxide, brightener, dispersant, antioxidant, anti-aging agent ingredients. Use of the product can significantly improve the whiteness, the products feel more solid, plump, uniform color, so as to achieve increased use of recycled materials reduce the cost.
    Whitening agent whitening masterbatch and plastic carrier with high-quality processing, with excellent effect by white light and heat stability, transparency, and add less, versatile, easy to use, suitable for PP, PE and other plastic processing, you can Huang elimination products, a significant increase in whiteness. Renewable materials can effectively adjust the color and increase its brightness products, the appearance of recycled materials has improved significantly effect the quality of the product itself has no effect. Application of various processes.
  • This product can be directly added, no dust pollution, with high dispersion, high-whitening effect.


Whitening masterbatches (fluorescent brightener masterbatch). Imported fluorescent brighteners, cover agent, AR whitening agent masterbatch material production.
As we all know, recycled plastic recycling, recycling the energy obtained, but the cheap but there are a lot of recycled plastic fatal weakness: if the color gray, melt index (Melt Index referred to as MI) is inconsistent, color large group points and complex, there are some impurities in the recycled plastic has been more akin to black. The most prominent problem is the appearance of plastic color problem.

Application Fields

Widely used in various needs of the whitening, brightening, brightening the Products. Such as PP, PO, PE, HDPE, LLDPE, ABS, EPS, EPE and other recycled plastic blown film, flat, injection molding, fiber, squeeze tubes, etc., can significantly improve the level and quality products, and so on.


Whitening effect, the LDPE or PP as the carrier.

Product Features

Whitening masterbatch with whitening, lightening to yellow green and so on. Their products a new look, a new feeling to the products.

Whitening masterbatches added greatly reduce the production cost of plastic products, which effectively improved the gloomy negative phenomena such products, a process that is fluorescence activity factor by migrating parent compound to the product surface, by absorbing different wavelengths of light to change human vision to achieve.


Mixing with the resin in the mixing machine directly, can also be customized according to customer needs.


Recommended dosage 0.2% to 0.5% depending on the product requirements. Injection dosage: 1% -5%. (According to the actual production needs)

Packaging storage

Stored in a cool dry place, long-term storage under dark conditions, storage period of two years.