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White Masterbatches

  • Our range of White Masterbatches is manufactured with high quality and micronized of Titanium Dioxide and specific polymer as per application. The various concentrations of Titanium Dioxide is up to 80%. With excellent melt processing performance because of the fast diluting action with polymer melt, white masterbatches performs perfect mixing and high opacity in the white plastic products. With finely micronized and best quality of Titanium Dioxide, our white masterbatches improves opacity and whiteness obviously for white products.
  • According to all state standards in use of colourants in contact with foodstuff, our products do not contain heavy metal or other substances influencing health and environmental protection.

Natural White Masterbatches

Especially used for carrier bags with high opacity and good dispersion in HMHDPE and perfect anti-blocking properties for the film. Meanwhile, it is very economical for customers to save so much production cost.

Special White Masterbatches

A high concentration grade for general purpose applications with high opacity and economic cost This product can be widely used in HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and PP industry. This grade is particularly recommended for the applications with high temperature, raffia tapes, thin films, extruded films.

Ultra White Masterbatches

A general purpose grade with extra blue tone and high opacity. Blue tone leads to an extra whiteness to the PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE products. This grade is popular with shopping bags, raffia tapes, carrier Bags, blow moulding, injection and rotational moulding.

PS White Masterbatches

Specially for HIPS and GPPS colouring. It is normally used for sheet extrusions and disposable cups. This grade is a high concentration white pigment and also contains optical brightener, so it will bring ultra whiteness to the plastic products.

Other White Masterbatch highlights

  • Providing us sample is better.
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