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UV Masterbatches

  • More extensive use of plastics, use is increasing year by year, this is because the plastic itself has many advantages. But the plastic easy to aging, without stability in outdoor exposure treatment of plastic, mainly in the poor stability of the loss of luster, surface cracking, and mechanical powder reduced ability to limit its scope of application. The main factors induced aging of plastic light, heat, oxygen, in addition to its plastic structure, process and other effects; effective solution to the plastic so the problem of aging is particularly urgent.
  • Our company has accumulated in the plastic anti-aging a large number of experimental data and experience, learn from advanced foreign technology support, we developed a polyolefin and non-specific anti-aging masterbatch polyolefin, which is the result of light stabilizers, UV absorbers, antioxidants and other additives compound from fully meet the domestic and international anti-aging standard. It can effectively inhibit or reduce the thermal oxidation of plastic molecules, photo-oxidation reaction rate, significantly improve the heat-resistant plastic material, light performance, slow degradation of the material, the aging process and prolong the service life of plastics.


The masterbatch is the choice of efficient light stabilizers and antioxidants optimized composite processing, the use of the polyolefin masterbatch can reduce oxidation caused by heat degradation, and due to UV degradation caused by light, thus significantly improve the anti-aging properties of polyolefin, extend product life. For LDPE, HDPE, PP film, sheet, flat, mesh, turnover boxes, tanks, pipes and other products. Recommended addition level of 4% -6%, in general, and do not use fillers in the case of (fill composition should be avoided, otherwise it will affect the performance of the play anti-aging Masterbatch) the addition of 4% Production of plastic products in the outdoor life of up to one and a half or more, such as fillers to be used, the addition of anti-aging Masterbatch a corresponding increase in the proportion.

Application and dosage

UV Masterbatch widely used in plastic woven bags, container bags (FIBC), artificial turf yarn, geotextile, polypropylene fibers, insect nets, shading nets, plastic greenhouses and other outdoor products.


Usually Packed in 25kg paper and plastic compound bag.