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TAICAL Masterbatch of CaCO3 + PP or LLDPE

  • Taical based on polypropylene or polyethylen and calcium carbonate that is used for filling, modification of the properties and reduce the cost of production of polypropylene and polyethylene.

  • The granular form of Taical facilitates uniform mixing with the primary polypropylene and polyethylene, allowing you to achieve uniformity of polymer composition and efficiency of its subsequent processing into finished product.

    It is widely used in the manufacture of flat yarns for carpet manufacturing bases, twine, woven fabrics, PP or PE bags, vest bag, PE tape, blown bottle, cast film, web bag, FIBC, etc.


1. Reducing the cost of polymer composition and the finished product, because the cost of Taical supplements significantly lower than the cost of primary PE.

2. Taical can be used as a substitute for white dye concentrates will reduce or in some cases eliminate the inclusion of titanium dioxide (TiO2), reducing the cost of the finished product.

3. The inclusion of Taical can shorten the cycle of molding / extrusion and increase productivity.

4. The presence of calcium carbonate in the polymer matrix facilitates recycling and disposal of products, in particular the burning of reduced heat dissipation, which prolongs the life of incinerators and beneficial to the environment.

Benefits for processing

1. The granular form of Taical provides the convenience of working with it, the ease of mixing and subsequent processing of the polymer composition into a finished product.

2. Being incorporated into polypropylene and polyethylene, calcium carbonate is well dispersed in the polymer matrix of the filled primary polypropylene and polyethylene.

3. Taical reduces heat strain and helps extend the life of molds and dies, as well as the cutting tool equipment;

4. Taical improves the thermal conductivity of the product, reducing the molding cycle and facilitates the output of the finished product.

5. Due to the inclusion of calcium carbonate neutralized electrostatic effect, reduced demand or no need for electrostatic treatment.

Improving the physical and mechanical properties during extrusion

  • Improved anti-explosive properties of tapes, filaments, etc.
  • Improved tactile surface quality of products.
  • Improve the surface properties of products for printing and other markings.
  • Provided good coverage and improved matte surface products.
  • Provided with anti-block properties of the films.




The carrier polymer:

Polypropylene or polyethylene (PP or PE)

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3):


The average particle size of calcium carbonate (CaCO3):


Specific gravity:

1.8 g/cm3


grayish-white granules

Grain size:

2-3 mm (diameter)

Physical test of PP with the addition of Taical

Note: The product is subject to change without further notice. The data contained in this manual is for reference only. Because of different material in different areas, the parameter is only a reference.