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Plastic Desiccant Masterbatches

  • Plastic products including injection molding, extrusion and blown film products processing, depending on extrusion of plastic materials prepared by melting plastic molded products quality and the extent and density have a direct close relationship between the number of defects, including plastic and other raw materials in the formulation The water containing composition will directly affect the quality of plastic products, the water formed in high temperature molding plastic products in the water and gas bubbles caused the hole and other defects exist, directly affect the mechanical properties of plastic products, quality and appearance. In order to improve the quality of plastic products, plastic and other raw materials in the removal of water, the key to the method of heating and drying of plastic raw materials, prior to processing to remove the raw water. This process requires manufacturers of plastic products for additional increase in high-temperature drying equipment, plastic products manufacturing processes, increased product costs and labor.
    Anti-foaming plastic desiccant masterbatches is developed through their own high-tech, used in plastic products to remove water during processing, eliminating air bubbles and defects of the new functional masterbatch, it saves raw materials, plastic processing such as drying processes, reduce the cost of plastic products, improve productivity, and can greatly improve the comprehensive plastic mechanical properties and appearance.
  • When the molding process can be strongly absorbed PE, PP and other plastics in the water, biodegradable plastics processing, and improve product quality and yield, can significantly improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.


Plastic Desiccant Masterbatches also known as plastic Dehumidifier masterbatch, plastic raw materials or recycled plastic part will often contain traces of moisture, if not eliminated, in the processing of the products formed on the surface bubbles or a water wave, the performance and appearance of products affected. The use of electric machinery eliminates moisture from the traditional drying process, drying of raw materials in advance inconvenience caused by the production, there is time to extend product processing lead to the production efficiency is low, power consumption, processing, environmental degradation, increased production costs and other deficiencies.

Application Fields

Blown film, extrusion, injection molding and other processing, and ensure product quality and yield, reduce energy consumption and improve productivity. PP, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and degradation of plastic products.


Solve the problem of blisters. In ensuring a good appearance and quality of products can reduce the cost of the case, to bring you more profits, make your competition in the peer in an invincible position.

Product Features

1, water absorption: absorb the equivalent of more than 20% of its own weight of water.

2, the processing performance: the use of high dispersion resin processing, plastic processing equipment for general-purpose, do not change the plastic processing technology.

3, the environmental indicators: the appearance of the good gray plastics particles, particle size uniformity, no even grain, composition no mold, no stimulation.

4, defoamer to stabilize the plastic molding process, parent material dispersion, and distribution. Plastic products, tensile strength and breaking strength are superior to ordinary plastic products.

5, the use of twin-screw extruder and hot air-cooled technology to produce, the product has a good dispersion and a variety of plastics processing technology adaptability.


Mixing of raw materials by a certain percentage can be used, note that this material has to absorb moisture, the product has strong water absorption. Packaging should be used immediately after opening, and sealing the unused part of the package, not long exposed to air.


1, the plastic products in the recommended dosage: 1% to 5%, according to the amount of water contained in raw materials, regulating the proportion added, plastic raw materials and packing does not change.

2, the original plastic products in the process do not change.

3, the plastic should be sealed desiccant masterbatch defoaming, Kaifeng should be used immediately to prevent moisture absorption failure.

Packaging storage

Airtight storage in a cool dry place, away from heat, desperately, to prevent direct sunlight.