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Nano Silver Powder

  • Nano silver Powder inorganic antimicrobial agent is a body of ion exchange in inorganic phosphate load of silver particles on the efficient, safe and heat-resistant broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Uniform appearance of the product as a white granular powder, difficult to decompose. Can easily be in the fibers, films and plastic resins in the mix molding process, the coating, the dispersion of ceramics are also very good, its very stable physical and chemical properties, good anti-tarnish properties.
  • Nano silver products have the appropriate models for various types of antimicrobial agent powder products, not only that, to meet the needs of different customers also have a variety of antimicrobial plastic master batch, and pulp products, allowing customers greater choice. The product is antibacterial agents and other inorganic and organic antimicrobial agent, compared with a high temperature resistant, high security, high long-term sterilization, can be dispersed in water and organic solvents, and its particle size distribution and powder specially treated surface, so that it can with a variety of fibers, coatings and plastics have good compatibility, can be dispersed uniformly on the material properties and processing performance of other applications had no effect.

Application and dosage

Products for: appliances (ABS, PP, PS); car (ABS, PP, PMMA, PE); food and drug packaging (PP, PE, PET, ABS); pipes (PE, PP-R, PVC); and other areas.

1, the textile products: clothing, bedding, upholstery, hygiene products, Zhuobu and towels.

2, plastic products: household appliances, toys, decorative materials, packaging materials, daily hygiene products, cellular phones, magnetic cards and so on.

3, ceramic products: ceramic sanitary ware, floor tile, wall tiles and so on.

4, paint: interior and exterior paint, paint, latex paint, putty and so on.

5, paper: notes, invoices, books, toilet paper, office paper, wrapping paper and so on.


Dark, anti-pressure, antifreeze, anti-pollution. Closed state, at 1 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ temperature range, the storage period of six months.

The product has to adapt to a wide range of safe, durable, heat resistant, and good broad-spectrum antimicrobial.