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Masterbatches production Machine

Plastic Masterbatches production Machine We can provide a basket of solution. Our brother company professionally manufactures granulator with single and double screw, and extruder largely exported overseas.

1. This machine is masterbatch machine. it use parallel two screw extruder machine. It is suitable to produce many kinds of plastic masterbatch such as PE(LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE)、PP、PET、PS、ABS、TPR、TPE、TPV、PET、TR、TPU、EVA etc. The machine has good quality for plasticization. It suitable for different kinds of material, and just to change the screw design. see the next figure. The unit are made of plastic extruder, cooling tank, drier, pelletizer, shaking sieve. Its total length is 12 meters. They make granules for PE, PVC, etc and other plastic pelletizing.


2. We are ready to offer reasonable and simple dry granulating ideas according to different customers. The product line is the incision particle, it is a kind of line of high exact granularity, high heat incision particle, and it is easy to set up and remove.



1:Production line with mixing, transportation, feeding, extrusion and granulation, winding, hot cutting and cooling, realizes automation, high production efficiency, good effect for plasticizing and mixing. Firm construction, small area and space, suitable for plane installation.

2:Production process conduct closed loop temperature control, mixing ,feeding and extruder respectively has heating and cooling system, and control respectively temperature as per working requirement.

3:Feeding construction adopts propeller, strong eating material. Specifically suitable for mass material extrusion and granulation direct through mixing machine.

4:Machine barrel screw all adopt alloyed heat-treatable steels, nitrogen treatment, high hardness, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant.

5:Hand of machine adopts manually write changing or quickly automatically construction write changing to increase productivity.

6:Electronic control system adopts advanced PLC control technology, made with several frequency converters, make feeding, extrusion and granulation speed widely and high accuracy.

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