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Grain Masterbatches

  • Our company, with constant creation and innovation spirits, has developed special effect masterbatches to meet fashion styles and special market requirements in plastic industry In order to promote natural style, our company is pushing out a series of wooden grain , marble grain, granite grain and colorful cloud grain masterbatches which are welcome very well in plastic industry.
  • For this series of special effect grain masterbatches, we use high compatible materials, adopt the different flow rate and melting point between color masterbatches and plastic material, and meantime dye it to be 2-4 different colors, then generate natural and irregular flow grain, it can replace the second process for curved surface clad and transfer printing with normal injection machine through common operation. There is no drop paint for finished products, and it not only largely reduces your second process cost and time, but also improves the appearance and property for your products.


At present, our grain effect series masterbatches suitable for all kinds of plastic material injection processing, there are two grades. One is for rigid material, and another is for soft material, the details as follows.

Rigid grade:

  • Normal temperature: suitable for rigid material based on working temperature below 190C, such as GPPS,HIPS,BS ( K resin),etc
  • High temperature: suitable for rigid material based on working temperature range of 200C-240C, such as ABS,AS (SAN), PA, PVC,PMMA (Acrylic) Soft grade: suitable for PP, HDPE, etc.

Dosage recommended

Transparence effect: 0.5-1%

Subtransparent effect: 1-1.5%

Opaque effect: 2-4%(Dosage will be different with different customer`s requirement).