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Fragrance Masterbatches

  • Fragrance masterbatches formulation and through a certain process, the flavoring agent is dispersed in a particular plastic carrier, with more long-lasting deodorant which was an increase of. To cover up the smell of resin in the masterbatch, or in the process inherent in the smell and improve the quality of plastic products. The fragrance masterbatches process does not change the original, non-toxic, renewable materials and is widely used plastic in the flavor requirements. Hong masterbatch can be used for toys, crafts, household supplies, stationery, ornaments, cosmetics packaging, can increase the marketing efforts of new products, fresh flowers, sweet fruit, it is easily applied to the production process of plastic products so fragrant products are very good results.
  • Strawberry, lavender, osmanthus, tuberose, sandalwood, lemon, jasmine, fungus grass, grass, Johnson & Johnson, milk, green aloe, rose, natural mint flavor!
  • This series of products for the sustained-release products, according to active ingredient dissolution curve up to 8 years. Varieties: jasmine. Osmanthus. Rose. Lemon. Strawberry and so on. For PE. PVC. PP, EVA, ABS. PS plastic raw materials such as plastic various fragrance masterbatch can be used to produce toys, gifts, artificial flowers, jewelry, plastic floors, can mask the unpleasant odor, increase product functionality. Products can be customized according to different kinds of fruit flavor, aroma of flowers, perfume type, forest type, and other woody aromatic fragrance masterbatch. Variety of goods at reasonable prices. Welcome!


Scope: This product can be widely used in plastic bags, plastic products, rubber products, plastic toys, incense limitless, shoes, sponge, crafts, automotive interiors, stationery, stationery, household items and health, beauty and cosmetics packaging Plastics and other industries, can make a very unique product itself more competitive in the market and increase product added value potential.


particle size 2*3(mm) 

Heat resistance 130C

Its advantages as follows:

1. Fortunately, the normal temperature properties of plastics processing temperatures, the volatilization loss of spices used in small and its flavor structure of the destructive effects were not evident.

2. fragrance lasting fragrance composition as given full consideration to the release request, so the formula used in a variety of ingredients to help control the release of flavor, and the formula in the master batch process carried out special treatment. Usually the smell of polyolefin masterbatch can maintain the six months to two years.

3. Easy to use products based on specific requirements, select the appropriate ratio will masterbatch resin mixed with the raw materials for immediate use.

4. Add to facilitate

5. High temperature (300-400 degrees).

6. High concentrations, fragrant long-lasting (up to 1-3 times your mouth closed product years or more).



Add a proportion:

Requirements based on product flavor, add the amount of: 1-5%, with the mixing of raw materials to processing.


1. with a good material to be consumed as soon as possible and not too long holding time.

2. the mother as soon as possible after opening packaging materials.

3. open temporary use up the mother of packaging materials should be re-packaged fully sealed.