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Masterbatches exporters

  • We are a professional Masterbatches manufacturer and exporter, factory located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Products sold around the world, and we have a good relationship with our customers.
  • Established a complete quality control of production, research and development, sales and service system. Specializing in the production of plastic color masterbatch, black masterbatch and white masterbatch products. We are masterbatch excellent competitive supplier, and we have a wealth of experience in the production of black masterbatch, using the industry-leading production equipment and testing instruments; The raw materials we used are high quality, highly dispersed carbon black and high quality additives and carriers. For different polymer materials, we have a dedicated carrier for black masterbatch to choose, we can meet the customers on the color tone, weather resistance, light resistance and food grade and other special requirements.

The company of business philosophy is "better quality! Lower prices! Better service!", customer focus, quality and efficiency of the implementation, management modernization model, the optimal price to meet customer requirements, to open up the market to provide the best services.

Masterbatches exporters

We would be much appreciated if you have interest in Chinese products and want to know more about our products.

Here are our company's some products:


We provide tailor-made solutions to fulfill the unique requirement of individual customers. We specialize in tailor-made technology solutions that consistently empower, enhance, add value to our customers business activities.