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Ethylene Bis Stearamide

  • EBS(Ethylene Bis Stearamide)Room temperature, melting point is white to pale yellow waxy solid, non-toxic, no smell, no side effects on the human body, insoluble in water at room temperature, and most of the solvent, can dissolve in hot chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons of high boiling point solvents, but the solution will precipitate after cooling or gel, powder than with WP at 80 ℃, the relative density of 0. 98 (25 ℃), flash point about 285 ℃, acid, alkali and water media stability. Due to the molecular structure, both ends of the non-polar long chain melting on the middle is a polar double-amide, polar structure of this symmetry in the position to give good wetting and penetration ability of the various pigments and powders significant lubrication and dispersion, and because the polar molecules and non-polar good matching and high molecular weight, the nature of this balance in the house with a modest in most resin compatibility, and show excellent internal and external lubrication, can significantly reduce the melt viscosity resins to improve resin processing flow, mold release.
  • Products formed on the surface in a thin film layer, smooth surface to make products, improve products outside the tourist brightness, yield and processing efficiency, reduce energy consumption and production costs. This product is used as lubricant, viscosity reducer, dispersant, mold release agents widely used in PE, PP, PS, PBT, PET, PMMA, PC, PVC, ABS, AS, PA, PF, UF, MF, EVA resin, etc. and into the processing of rubber products, in line with FDA and BGW hygiene requirements for food packaging materials.

Its advantages as follows:

1. Add in the pure resin of the goods, with internal and external lubricating effect and viscosity reducing effect.

2. Resin processing, while keeping constant shear stress, add the product to allow increased shear rate, thus speeding up the plastics and resin mixing, increase productivity and reduce energy consumption than production.

3. In the extrusion of rigid PVC profile to add this product to avoid excessive shear stress, reduce shear heating, maintaining the stability of the melt flow, improve product R-inch accuracy, tensile strength and surface gloss.

4. In the blown film production, products used as smooth opening agent, can reduce the expansion module from the module to improve the membrane of the cooling rate, and get a good film between the membrane surface gloss and smoothness open character, improve production efficiency.

5. Add this product plastic products, injection molding can increase the speed and reduce the body molding temperature gradient, thermal stress and shrinkage weakened 3 pit deformation rate, and shorten cycle times, improve productivity, reduce equipment wear and tear can also give a good product appearance and luster.

6. For a variety of engineering plastics, can act as the release agent, lubricant effects, can significantly improve product surface quality.

7. In plastic masterbatch, which can effectively improve the filler dispersion quality and increasing filler content, reducing the amount of carrier resin and additives, reduce costs and equipment wear and improve production efficiency.

8. In plastic masterbatch, you can improve pigment dispersion and added, reducing the R-inch color and number of aggregates, as well as melt filtration pressure, reduce the number of exchange networks and reduce the processing equipment wear and energy consumption, giving a good product bright and shiny appearance. And used as a paint color by spread of powder.

9. In the rubber industry, rubber product can be used as a lubricant, anti-adhesive and release agent, as well as credit to the rubber surface treatment agent.

10. For coatings, inks, paints score powder, anti-settling agents and matting agents, to improve leveling and moisture effects.

11. Used as a flow of powder coating additives.

12. Can improve the polyester.

Applicable scope

This product is an excellent plastic processing additives, suitable for almost all of thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics. Widely used in PVC, PP, ABS high-impact polyethylene, polyolefin, rubber, masterbatch, paint, chemical fiber, plastics molding processing. Used as a lubricant, from film, smooth opening agents and pigments, filler dispersants.

(1) plastic. In many thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics as internal and external lubricant, the most representative as ABS, PS, AS, PVC, can also be used in PE, PP, PVAC, cellulose acetate (cellulose, Acctate), nylon (Nylon) phenolic resin (pheonolic-Resin), amino plastics, has a good finish, Tuomo sex. PUR in the thermoplastic injection molding, this agent also serves as an internal releasing agent, its adding 0.1 to 1%. As POM lubricant, its adding 0.5%, melt flow rate increased, improving the stripping of, and the whiteness of POM, thermal stability and the physical targets were achieved superior grade indicators. In the masterbatch for plastic masterbatch and fiber dispersion agent, 125 mesh powder recommended EBS (the best Division I and the production of refined type of PE wax the same time), can effectively improve the parent material dispersion, improve production efficiency enhance the degree of product bright and clean.

(2) rubber. Synthetic resin and rubber, such as Yinyl, polychloroprene, GRS (SBR) in their emulsion added 1 ~ 3% EBS, a good anti-stick and anti-caking effect, EBS used in automotive floor mats, drainage pipes and other rubber products serve to increase surface gloss effect.

(3) fiber. EBS can improve the polyester, polyamide fiber thermal weathering, mobility, and given some anti-static effect.

(4) release agent. Added with a phenolic resin sand casting can be used as from the type of EBS.

(5), pigments, filler dispersants. EBS as plastic. Chemical fiber masterbatch pigment dispersant, such as ABS, PS, PP, PET Masterbatch. EBS can also be used as a proliferation of pink plastic color. According to the amount of pigment fillers different dosage of 0.5 to 5%.

(6) powder coatings. EBS can be used as powder coating additives with the flow.

(7) paint, ink. Coatings and paint manufacturer, add 0.5 ~ 2% EBS can improve salt spray and humidity effects; in the paint stripper to add product can improve performance, increase baking enamel surface leveling. In the furniture polish and printing ink can be used as a matting agent. This product is processed by the micronized (particle size: d 50 of about 6μ, d 90 of about 12μ), has excellent abrasion resistance and smoothness for the coating system to improve the grinding of the porous nature of the surface to improve the degassing, dispersion with high shear equipment or ball transferred, adding the amount of 0.5 to 1%, in order to ensure full wet granular mixing time should be long enough.

(8) other purposes. The melting point of petroleum products increased agent; metal drawing lubricant and corrosion inhibitor when; electrical components of the potting material; paper industry and paper coating composition defoamer; in the textile dyeing and finishing works can be used as an desiccant agents and permanent pull agent; in asphalt to add this product, can reduce the viscosity of bitumen to improve asphalt's softening point, water resistance and weather resistance.


Amide content 98.5min

Acid Value mgkoh/g 0.8max

Iodine Value gi2/100g 78-86

Melting Point ℃ 72-76

Color Gardner 2 max

Moisture % 0.08max

Packaging, storage and transportation:

25kg net weight. keep tightly in cool and dry place.