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EPDM Rubber Granule

  • Colorful EPDM granules mainly use for playground, racetrack, court, sidewalk and infilling synthetic grass The characteristics of the colorful EPDM granule are Chemical stability, Good elasticity, Strong adhesiveness, Bright color, Different colors. The color, size, strength and rubber content of granules can be made according to the requirement of our client.
  • We professionally produce various EPDM/TPE/SBR color rubber granules for sports surface or infill for artificial turf/grass . All our products are safe to human health and environmentally friendly.

    EPDM colored granule is not only used in the track and field racetrack, all kinds of court, universities, middle and primary schools, stadium, but also used in the slip-resistance pass way around the swimming pool, gymnasium, overpass, underpass, protecting such numerous respects as the place, ward, activity of disable person and training court, distribution room, computer room of the army, the bathroom, kindergarten, nursery bottom game, etc.

    The products are mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, France, Spain.

Scope of application:

Tennis , Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Badminton court, School, Courtyard, Kindergarten, Park, Game floor, Library, Hospital aisle, Porch, Lawn etc.

EPDM sports Course and EPDM Sports Runway

EPDM court, adopted EPDM pellet mixed with MDI glue, is the best ground-based system for runway and sports ground ( such as Athlete Track, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court and game frame ground for children, etc ). It is identified to be the newest materials for sports ground surface by IAAF.

According to the requirements of different sports to elasticity, adopt 3-14mm thick EPDM color wear layer as the court surface, and for bottom layer, use 20-25mm thick black rubber with pro-environment as absorb shocks layer. It is a very useful to cushion and protect player`s joints. With the properties of suitable elasticity, endurable wear resistance, colorful, colorfast, seamless and fast pavement, other products can not match with EPDM court.

EPDM Sports Course EPDM Sports Runway

EPDM Runway Layer

  • EPDM Rubber Granule Layer
  • EPDM Rubber medium layer pave
  • MDI bottom paint
  • Cement concrete layer

EPDM Runway Layer

Size mm

Size: 0.5-1.5mm, 0.5-2.5mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm


Red , Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, Gray, Orange, Purple and etc.


25kgs for each bag. 1.46CBM /Ton, 20 container can contain 17-18 tons


  • 1.Non-slip, non-static, and high flexibility so can defending the hurt when tumble.
  • 2.The product is Capable of withstanding wear and tear and decay. abrasion resistance: 0.25 grams loss after 1000 cycles
  • 3.Its very economy 8 years life after install.