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  • 不同聚合物树脂添加剂色母料是食品,饮料,医药等行业的包装特异性,因为紫外线稳定剂可以防止阳光照射下的损失的水分,味道和食物的颜色。 添加剂母料也广泛应用于汽车及电子业,透明吸塑包装,化妆品空管使用。


  • 我们可以提供一个高品质,如阻燃剂,抗氧剂,荧光增白剂,抗静电,滑动,Antiblock,紫外线稳定剂发泡剂,添加剂母料根据所有聚合物广泛。

Flame retardant Masterbatches

Flame Retardant MB, as the name suggests, is a kind of masterbatches to prevent plastic products from being damaged in the fire and insure property safety of consumers. As plastic is very flamed with hydrocarbon materials content, we add flame retardant additives in plastic resins to prevent flame in the transportation, apparatus, building and electronics with different flame retardant effects by different adding rate.
With good dispersion and filtration, low adding ratio and excellent non- flammable effects, flame retardant masterbatches is widely used for ABS, Nylon, PC, HIPS, PBT, PE and PP applications.

ANTIOXIDANT Masterbatches

Prevents surface degradation (yellowing phenomena) and oxidation under the sunlight, high temperature or frictional heat and idling of machine Applications: blow moulding, pipe, injection and extrusions.

ANTI-STATIC Masterbatches

Prevents electrostatic charge from films during processing. Reduce electrostatic and dust collection on plastic surface of garden chairs or home appliances and stabilize polyethylene foaming Applications: PE films & foams and moulded articles

ANTI BLOCKING Masterbatches

Prevent blocking of two polyolefin film surfaces contacting each other during manufacturing such as blown film production, such as bakery bags and laundry bags. Applications LDPE, LLDPE, EVA FILMS

Optical Brightener Masterbatches

OB Masterbatches is based on PE with high quality optical brightener. It can absorb light from lower frequency range of normal visible spectrum and Improve glossiness, The adding rate is very low, but the effect of brightening to plastic products is very obvious.
它是用于HM -高密度聚乙烯薄规格薄膜,单层及多层薄膜,BOPP薄膜,薄膜厚度适合较高。 编织袋:高密度聚乙烯/聚丙烯酒椰纤维胶带,低密度聚乙烯/线性低密度聚乙烯/聚丙烯层压。 吹塑,注塑。