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Black Masterbatches

  • Black Masterbatches is manufactured with high quality and selected carbon black and based on PE,PS and universal polymers as carrier. The concentration of carbon black is up to 50%. Due to high concentration and top grade carbon black, our Black Masterbatches has perfect characteristics: nontoxic, odorless. excellent dispersion, ultraviolet resistant for outdoor applications, strong coloring strength, heat resistant and weathering properties. Black Masterbatches is widely used in the micro-plastic film, leakage proof film, milk film, water-supply pipe, cable sheath etc and other plastic products.
  • Focus in consumer requirement and challenge, supply high-quality product and professional service, go on for consumer create value.

  • According to all state standards in use of colourants in contact with foodstuff, our products do not contain heavy metal or other substances influencing health and environmental protection. The selection of the most suitable material, it's heat treatment and high precision machining is our daily job.

Universal Black

A high concentration grade for general purpose applications with high opacity and economic cost This product is particularly recommended to use for the applications with high temperature, raffia tapes, thin films, extruded films, injection and blow moulding.

Super Black Masterbatches

Filler free with excellent dispersion and high jet masterbatches for LDPE, LLDPE & HDPE Film and Shopping bags.

Nylon Black Masterbatches

Nylon based Black Masterbatches suitable for nylon Injection, Moulding and Mono Filament.

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Black Masterbatches Black Master batches

Other Black Masterbatches highlights

  • Providing us sample is better
  • Welcome Tailor made
We will wholeheartedly with users at home and abroad collaboration to high quality products our customers return the trust and support. deliver quality products and meet individual need of customers with low cost and high speed is the key issue to mass customization.